About Us

Velda Folkner – Owner

In 1998, I was selling blowguns at a local flea market, when “Jungle To Jungle” was a big hit.  The gentleman I was buying the blowguns from told me I should be selling knives. So, I ordered $300.00 worth of knives, took them to Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round Up, and sold them all. That is how I got started selling knives.  One of the ladies I used to do shows with, is the one that got me started in the mall and so the story goes… In November of 2001, I moved into the South Plains Mall and am still there today.

Over the years, I have seen the taste in knives evolve and transform. I started out being afraid of selling expensive, premium knives. Over the years, I have grown with the business and am selling premium high end and custom made knives. We have sold Boker knives made from the hull of the Tirpitz, sister ship to the Bismarck, to local artisan knives made in Texas, by Texans. That has grown into selling custom knives from Ohio, France, and even South Africa And now, we have moved into the online space.

Please read about my Staff, as they are the true troopers to this next stage, and I love them all!!!

-Velda Folkner


Robert Sanders – Sales Associate

Robert is a genuine home-town kind of guy. Having lived in Lubbock for 50+ years he likes everything “pan-handle style” and his favorite colors are Scarlett red and black. Go Texas Tech! He started working at Cutting Edge Gifts in August of 2015 and was recognized as top salesman in 2019, 2020, and in 2021.

Robert is always ready to offer up a quick “Howdy Folks” to every customer that walks through the doors and is happy to help you with all your knife needs. He particularly likes to show off all the new Benchmade products and is eager to help you understand the importance of having a knife with premium steel.

“Everyone has preferences to the different brand and style of their knife. With so many choices in today’s market sometimes you have to guide a customer through several different options to find the one knife that feels just right to them. That’s what I like most about my work here. Knowing that the customer has had a chance to make an informed decision and does not feel pressured or rushed. Keep ‘em happy and they will keep coming back.” 



William Dempsey – General Manager/Sales Associate

William is a local native to Lubbock born and raised.  Being raised by a Marine Father and an Artist Mother, he learned quite a a lot in his lifetime from Painting on a Canvas to Metal Fabrication and Welding.  Learning how to sharpen knives by his Father at a young age, he had an Edge in the Scouts when it came to knife maintenance and safety.

William has been a huge fan of Medieval Swords and Weapons and everything else Sci-Fi and Fantasy since he was young, so every time we get in New Swords or Knives we have to put a bib on him to keep him from getting drool everywhere.

William has a good work history of Customer Service and Sales, and is always ready to help in any way. He keeps himself up to date and informed on knife steels and new products coming out so he can hunt down whatever your trying to find, and will present you many options to choose from.

He is one of our most experienced Associates with our Laser Engraving system, and does his best to fulfill your engraving needs, and surprises you with the results!


Come see us for all of your Sharpening, Laser Engraving, and Shopping needs!